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Vol. 39 No. 5 – Sept/Oct 2010

Vol. 39 No. 5 – Sept/Oct 2010

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Michael Ryan: The Dog
Suzanne Buffam: On Impediments
Matthew Zapruder: Work
Elly Bookman: Another Thing I'd Rather Not Know About Myself
Also in this issue: David Rivard, Andre Malraux, David Daniel, Stephen Dobyns, Laura McCullough, Ye Chun, Allison Benis White, Fady Joudah, Dave Lucas, Mark Jarman, Claudia Keelan, Carl Dennis, Timothy O’Keefe, Patrice de la Tour du Pin, Britta Ameel, Bridget Lowe, Crystal Williams, Jack DeWitt

AMEEL, BRITTA The Message as Revealed in Twelve Dreams, One Night 43
BOOKMAN, ELLY Another Thing I'd Rather Not Know About Myself 52
BUFFAM, SUZANNE Five Poems from Lillie Commentaries 30
CHUN, YE The Day of Winter Clothes 23
DANIEL, DAVID All You 're Losing & Other Poems 12
DENNIS, CARL Pioneers 40
DEWITT, JACK Cars and Culture: The Cars of American Graffiti (A Column) 47
DOBYNS, STEPHEN Ducks & Other Poems 15
DU PIN, PATRICE DE LA TOUR Psalm 8 & Psalm 9 (translated by Jennifer Grotz) 42
JARMAN, MARK Dispatch from Devereux Slough & Other Poems 34
JOUDAH, FADY A Line for Water 32
KEELAN, CLAUDIA A Garden Is a Frame Structure: Ecstatic Emigre V (A Column) 37
LOWE, BRIDGET How the Pilgrim Was Transformed & Whatever You Thought Your Body to Be 44
LUCAS, DAVE Firefly & The Twenty-first Century 33
MALRAUX, ANDRE from Lazarus 6
McCULLOUGH, LAURA The Mortal Coil Is Sprung: A Reading of Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty by Tony Hoagland 19
O'KEEFE, TIMOTHY Poem in the Key of Luminarias 41
RIVARD, DAVID What Matters? An Introduction to Andre Malraux's Lazarus 5
RYAN, MICHAEL The Dog & Other Poems + an Interview by Brian Brodeur (A Special APR Supplement) 25
WHITE, ALLISON BENIS from "Small Porcelain Head" 31
WILLIAMS, CRYSTAL The Architecture of Imagination & The Embrace 45