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Vol. 47 No. 2 - Mar/Apr 2018

Vol. 47 No. 2 - Mar/Apr 2018

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David Bonanno (1949-2017): In Memoriam

Frederic Brandfon: Memories of David Bonanno
Teresa Leo: Paisan
Kazim Ali: Phosphorus • The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing
Nicky Beer: Self-Portrait as Duckie Dale • Because my grief was a tree • The Benevolent Sisterhood of Inconspicuous Fabricators
Toi Derricotte: The intimates • As my writing changes, I think with sorrow of those who couldn't change • After the Gwendolyn Brooks reading • Souvenir • Homage • Watching a roach give birth on YouTube, I think of Lucille Clifton meeting God
Carolina Ebeid: from M Notebooks • What Hereafter's Like • Goodbye & Applaud Us • Shape
Joshua Jennifer Espinoza: As He Killed Me I Imagined Him • I Want to Write a Poem • It Doesn't Matter If I'm Understood
Piotr Florczyk: Translation as Performance: The Case of One Polish Poet
Tony Hoagland: "What You See Is Nothing Compared to the Roots": Images of the Psyche in Contemporary Poetry
Christopher Janke: posthumous* love poem 5 • translation of posthumous* love poem 5
Amaud Jamaul Johnson: Dog Star Rising • Prince George's County • Somebody Told Me We Got LA
Nick Lantz: The Rabbit • Photograph of My Wife Shaving My Head • Ruin • Postoperative
Angie Sijun Lou: Chen Chen's Dreams: A Review of When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities (BOA Editions, 2017)
Chen Chen: When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities by Chen Chen (BOA Editions, 2017) reviewed by Angie Sijun Lou
Julio Machado: Confusing Sex with Love
Ruth Madievsky: Magic Grow • Salt • The Pool Filter Is Sorry • Mosquitos
Cameron McGill: Drunk with Zodiac
Michael McGriff: Equinox • Property • Our Water
Timothy O'Keefe: Song for You Who Turn the Page
Alicia Ostriker: Poetry and Healing: Some Moments of Wholeness
Emilia Phillips: Scabs • Haha-Boohoo • Poppies and Field Flowers
Catherine Pierce: Prayer • Shell Game
Gerald Stern: Hearts Amiss • No Kissing There • Lovesong, Lovesong • Wet Peach • Tell Me • Brecht • Justice for Allen Tate • Under Your Wing
Chase Twichell: Keene Valley Elegy