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Vol. 50 No. 4 - Jul/Aug 2021

Vol. 50 No. 4 - Jul/Aug 2021

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Dreaming of the Great American Poem
(A collaboration among Jaswinder Bolina, Alan Britt, Ye Chun, Jim Cummins, Denise Duhamel, David Lehman, Alicia Ostriker, D. A. Powell, Judy Ray, Paul B. Roth, Maureen Seaton, Evie Shockley, Ingrid Wendt, Eleanor Wilner)

Rae Armantrout: Influence • Cheating • Terms of Service • Two Things
Matthew Dickman: The Animal Kingdom • About Love • Goblin
Katie Farris: Standing in the Forest Being Alive • Marriage, an Exercise • Ice for Me • To the Pathologist Reading My Breast, Palimpsest • Woman with Amputated Breast Returns for Her Injection
Daisy Fried: Bad Daughter • Goats at Work • The Man with the Drone • A Dream Called Resignation Is Also Human • Book 13
Edward Hirsch: An Appreciation of Gwendolyn Brooks
Charles Jensen: Only Thirteen Blimps Remain of Earth • Los Angeles Is Often on Fire
Donika Kelly: (Four poems from The Renunciations) • Donika Questions the Oracle • My Father Visits the Oracle Before I Am Born • Self-Portrait with Father • Self-Portrait with Door
Matthew Lippman: The Big White American Segregation Machine • The End of Intimacy
Dana Teen Lomax: from Unnamed Relation
Cate Marvin: You May Eat • Lottery of Eyes • Ice Cream in February
Kelly McQuain: The Moon in Drag
Rita Mookerjee: Cosmic Dust, Slippage, and Shockwaves (A review of If This Is the Age We End Discovery by Rosebud Ben-Oni)
Madeleine Mori: Camino
Tomás Q. Morín: Machete • Two Dolphins • Machetes
Hilary Plum: Still Wife • Trophy
Maya C. Popa: Prayer
Natasha Rao: What It Was Like
Austin Segrest: Carl Phillips and the Poetics of Difference (A review of The Art of Daring, Wild Is the Wind, and Pale Colors in a Tall Field by Carl Phillips)
Divya Victor: Care Is a Verb