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Vol. 43 No. 5 - Sept/Oct 2014

Vol. 43 No. 5 - Sept/Oct 2014

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In Memoriam: Stephen Berg (1934-2014), Founding Editor of The American Poetry Review

Stephen Berg: Eight Sonnets: Lovesong • Faith • Horseshit in Sunlight • Took the Train to Hear Billie • Wings • Like Flies • Yellow Tree • Handwriting
Stephen Berg: Prose Poem: Hello, Afterlife!
Stephen Berg: Versions of Poems by Zen Master Dogen: Zazen "That Idea" • Trapped • Refusing What Dogen Says It Is • Whatever You Do • This Very Mind is Buddha • On Words • Wake the Nothingness Mind • Awake • Winter • 54 Years • Dogen • Watching the Moon • The Point of Zazen • Inconceivable Mind of Nirvana • Zazen "Moon" • Near Death
Edward Hirsch: "Being Here, Like This": The Poetry of Stephen Berg
David Rivard: "What do I know": Stephen Berg

Also in this issue:
Jabari Asim: Let Me Clear My Throat • Pinch Me
Fred Brandfon: The History Boy: Innocence and History in the Life and Music of Pete Seeger
Joanne Dominique Dwyer: Orange Jumpsuits • Shining Bucket • Levels of Lead
Anna Journey: Enter the Vomit: Employing the Grotesque in Contemporary Poetry
David Keplinger: Beatification • R • A City I'm Traveling To
Dorothea Lasky: Rome • Wild
Michael McGriff: Cosmology • Skipping Your Funeral • Sleeping Beside White River • Rail Yard
John Poch: The Family Voice: The Confessional Pronouns' Greatest Hits
Lee Ann Roripaugh: dreaming tsunami • emo tsunami • origin of tsunami
Jason Schneiderman: The Loved One Always Leaves: The Poetic Friendship of Agha Shalid Ali and James Merrill
Nicole Sealey: Virginia is for Lovers
Sandra Simonds: August in South Georgia • 21st Century Ars Poetica • Poetry Is Stupid and I Want to Die • The Elysian Fields
Franke Varca: Between Us • Pilot. Necrophobia [Wake Me Up on Monday]
Peter Waldor: New Parents, Bluegrass Festival • The Last of the Original Forms